Monday, December 7, 2009


This incredible painting was a gift from a very, very dear friend of mine. It is from my very earliest childhood friend's mother. Her and I have recently reconnected and we have had many wonderful reminiscent conversations. She was like a mother to me in those early days, and continues to be an incredible voice of wisdom in my life today. I'm not sure why God chose to have our paths cross again in such an intimate way, but I am certainly enjoying every minute of it! She always prays about what to paint for others, and let's God use her to convey a message through her work. She prayed about what she wanted to paint for me, and a "lighthouse" was her answer. I would have been a little puzzled by a picture of a lighthouse if it hadn't been for some wonderful conversations we have had in the past few months.
For some reason, I always find myself spilling my heart out to this dear lady on the other side of my computer screen. I have shared my worries in parenting, about church "junk", and about simply living out the Christian life. We have talked at length about how I try to find the correct balance in my kids lives, and not try to shelter them from this world. But my daily job is to equip my children to be able to one day go out and be shining lights for Him in this dark, dark world. Many a day I would find an e-mail response to some of my concerns I had shared with the simple words "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine"... and when sharing some of my most trying situations, the response would be "Won't let satan blow it out, I'm gonna let it shine". All of these conversations took place AFTER she had begun this lighthouse painting for me.
God is awesome, isn't He?
On the back is written this:
Then spoke Jesus unto them saying, "I am the Light of the world; He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of life."
John 8:12
As if this incredible talent isn't enough to blow your socks off, the Lord gave her this poem to go along with the painting.... can you believe the title??
"Timeless and Treasured, the Story of a Lighthouse"
I came about in times of old
When men had need of me
So necessary was my job
I have a gift, you see
I never move, nor do I stray
I always am the same
In fact, this special gift of mine
Is why I have my name.
I'm thankful for the warmth of sun
It dries me through and through
As puffy clouds go floating by
In rows of two by two.
But then the clouds begin to fill
with deep and darkened blue
As breezes turn to strong swift winds
I know what I must do
The monstrous waves surround me
they beat against my wall
With winds so strong they roar like lions
yet still, I stand up tall
I work my best when seas are rough
and nothings going right
When all seems gloom and dark despair
That's when I shine my light.
I'll take my stand no matter what
The storm may bring my way
And even from the darkest night
the Lord brings forth His day
I'll send my rays of saving light
Across the raging sea
And help the lost to find their way
All safe and sound to me
For I am built on solid ground
"Safe Harbor" where I stand
Just watch the light and trust in me
I'll bring you near to land
My light will keep on burning
While the storm is passing through
Then once again the clouds will smile
The sky turn happy blue.
Now years have passed, a lot has changed
The lighthouse keeper's gone
I stand here growing very old
Just standing here alone.
My lighted flame has now grown dim where brightly it did shine
And now I watch the ships come in
sometimes all in a line.
Now many people come and go
They say that I am Treasured
I hear I'm Timeless, that my worth
Is such it can't be measured
For watching and for helping
All the ships far out at sea
"Timeless and Treasured"...
is what they all call me.
Written by:
Ruth Ann Wheeler
Inspired by:


Nana said...

Heather, the painting and the poem are both beautiful. I am glad you have found your dear friend again and I have a feeling your friendship to her is as important as she is to you. True friends are very hard to find and friendships need to be cherished.
Enjoy your painting, it is beautiful.

Jennie said...

Beautiful painting and poem.

Alice said...

ruth anne is a wonder, isn't she? you are truly blessed to have her as a friend and mentor-of-sorts! God reaches out and touches us through her! and, yes, the painting is beautiful, too - lol!