Thursday, December 10, 2009


It is rather safe to say that we are a book-loving family. It is rare to not find some member of our family at any time without their nose in a book. We have just discovered a collection of some of the most influential books you will ever read. Lamplighter Publishing Books. You can find them by clicking HERE. Our school had it's annual book fair, but this year these books were the theme. What a treasure to discover!! These books are all rare collectors, all written centuries ago (with some rewritten in a little more modern language) - but the wisdom and life lessons they hold are, of course, still very applicable today. The character traits children assimilate during their formative years are the foundation from which a life of faith in God is built. Inspiring role models found in Lamplighter books demonstrate that outward compliance alone will not carry a child through the stresses and disappointments soon to be faced in adolescence and adulthood. Perseverance, courage, hope, loyalty, humility—these are the qualities to emulate, these are the traits to pursue. Though life isn’t always fair, we can be confident that each disappointment and trial is designed by a loving God for our good. What a treasure to find books with such content, and so enjoyable at the same time.
This is a precious children's book called "The Three Weavers" - a book about the gift of purity for fathers and daughters. This will be one that will be read, and reread through the years.
This is another children's book that is so beautiful that it brings me to tears, EVERY single time I read it. "The Hedge of Thorns", written in 1611. I cried in the school library while thumbing through it - I cried as I read it out loud to my girls for the first time - I cried so hard that the girls had to take over the reading for me. Here is a short synopsis... "Do you know why I tell you this sad story? I tell it because I hope you will learn from my painful lesson, and thus be spared your own. This world will offer you things that will tempt you to say in your heart, "I must have it!" My friend, turn away. Stay within the hedge God has placed before you. Never think of crossing it. Pain and disappointment will surely follow. If only I had listened to my father's advice when he said to me, "John, never go beyond the boundaries that God has set for you, because you will harm yourself and those you love the most."
And THIS book..... where to begin..... Punkin and I have been sneaking the book from each other because we both are trying to read it at the same time. I finished it last night. This book has had such a profound effect on me. I truly will never be the same. Photobucket
Not only are the some of the best books ever written, but they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I didn't know that I would one day covet BOOKS, because of their beauty and wisdom that they hold. I said the other day to my oldest.... " I just wish I had time to learn everything possible that there is to know!!" Her reply... "Mom, wanting more and more wisdom was the root of the very first sin." Where does she come up with this stuff?? How profound... very true, but certainly a balance is in order.
One of my very favorite things about being able to homeschool is the wonderful books that I read aloud to all the girls. To have the time to do this on a daily basis is something I will always treasure. We finished this book today after starting it only a few days ago. We just couldn't put it down.
We were having a conversation the other day in the van - somehow on the subject of our favorite smells. Punkin said her favorite smell was the smell of horses, hay and the barn. Banana shared that her favorite smell was of being in nature, the smell of outdoors. Miss Boo chimed in..."mmmmmm... my favorite smell is a new book!"


Nana said...

Very special times with very special girls. The books do look very pretty and sound very good. It is a good thing when people like to read. I wish I liked to read more than I do. I used to love it, but now never seem to take the time except for a couple books a year. I am reading a lot of children's books though. And they are pretty good.

Nana said...

I can remember trying to read the book I'll love you for always to Kirsten when she was little and crying. I think she thought her Nana had lost it.

Karen said...

I'm with Boo - love the smell of a new book, the anticipation of a new journey, thoughts & ideas. I always have my nose in a book, and I will check these out too.

Jennie said...

I agree with Boo also. You will often find me with my nose in a book, not because I'm necessarily reading it but because I'm smelling it. Can't help it, love that smell.

Fonda said...

Thank you for this post! I love reading, too, and it's always awesome to find some good, inspiring, Christian books to read!!!