Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is a first for this Florida girl!! We have been here in Maryland 10 years now, and this is our first blizzard warning! It is just "snow" much fun! Last night we had an incredible evening down in DC having dinner with a great group of friends at THIS restaurant - possibly the best food I have ever eaten. Then the 12 of us walked over to the Shakespeare Theater to see the show "The Screwtape Letters". Our older homeschool kids read the book this year (but we left the kids at home -because that's educational, isn't it???). When we came out of the show, the snow had just started falling - it was so beautiful walking the streets of downtown DC with the snow falling with fun friends!! Then we drove around downtown to see the National Christmas Tree - it was simply dreamy to see it all lit up in the snow. There are smaller trees surrounding it representing every state. I didn't take my camera last night - so I have no pictures....
We woke up this morning to about six inches of snow, and a weather update saying we are now under a blizzard warning.... two feet of snow are expected with 30-40 mph winds! It's snowing sideways outside right now....
What a perfect day for wrapping Christmas presents, listening to Christmas music, with a big crock pot of chili for dinner!!
The blowing wind is making some huge drifts!
This is hanging off the roof over our garage.
My shoveling man!! This is round one - lots more snow on the way!! I'll post more pictures when the snow gets deeper!!
The snow is drifting higher and higher against our sliding door!!
This picture was taken yesterday... Nana gave Banana this bird feeder for Christmas, it attaches right to the window! She loves how she can watch the birds so closely. The birds were SOOO active yesterday - its so neat to watch them before a big storm comes..... they scurry all around gathering food.
Happy Blizzard Day!!


Nana said...

Beautiful Pictures. The snow is so pretty and I would love to see it for a day. But it sure looks cold. Love seeing the birds in the feeded. I will have to get me one too. Have a happy blizzard day.

Wendy said...

WOW--I remember when we had almost 30" in 2003--the winter before we moved to GA; but it wasn't a blizzard then... It looks absolutely beautiful, but I agree...brrr, chilly, cold! We had a light dusting here, but not enough to make it look pretty--just slushy and gross. Enjoy the flakes :o)! Sounds like last night was a blast--miss you!