Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is me with all my siblings! There are five of us!
We went to FL to visit my Grandma Dot - she is on the left, and my mom on the right with my sisters.
My sweetie nephew
Doesn't he look thrilled to have his auntie kissing all over him!!??

Mommy and Boo

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Florida Girl said...

This post just made me feel good Heather. It is almost unreal as I think of the years we were together and the years we've been apart. God is so wonderful to make that connection again and just when I needed you most. I love these pictures of your Mom and Grandma and all of you kids. Sitting around the table the other night with two of the funniest people I know was certainly a highlight of my year. Listening to those precious squealing girls was music to my ears and brought back many memories of our days together.

PS-if we had to do it all again growing up--I would fight harder for you and I to be the President and Vice President of the Hotwheels Club. :) I may even let Karen be an honorary member.

PSS-I am also dying to know about the E-Harmony Millionaire hookup. You better spill everything you know ASAP.

Karen said...

Can I even sing the hotwheels song?? I'm an expert now. It was so great to see you Pam and laugh about old times!

Wendy said...

I can almost feel the warm Florida sunshine--love the beach pictures, well, enjoyed all the pix! And, the majestic oaks are one of my favorite Southern sights--still not "into" the boiled pnuts though. Glad you were able to enjoy one of your favorite snacks!