Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You just have to see it to believe it. For the past "who-can-keep-count" years, Kirsten has been begging to be homeschooled. Every time I think about that, see that in writing, entertain the idea of it, I have visions of trying to simply get through homework (you know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't). I think I just might rather poke both my eyeballs out, than to homeschool. Okay, I admit, there are days when the idea of the whole lifestyle of it sounds kinda nice, but mostly, not so much. So, today, she actually broke out a list. A LIST!! WHAT??? You have to read it to believe it. It makes me laugh because apparently she has a whole vision in her head of what homeschooling would be like (Deb, you may begin laughing HERE). Okay, maybe she has a clearer vision of it than I do. Who knows. It's just so hard to justify homeschooling her, when she has the opportunity to be in the most AMAZING school on the planet. Seriously. It's incredible. And for your reading pleasure...... the list......

Number 21 made me laugh.
She is only on number 37. I'm a little afraid of the next 13 reasons. Number 31, "more sleep, less crabby" just might make the whole thing worth it!! You know, it just goes to show you, no matter how wonderful a life you create for your kids, to them, it's just never quite good enough....sigh.... If she only knew how good she had it. Oh and number 11??? SIGN ME UP!!!

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Jennie said...

She was pretty smart to come up with #21. It's true, when you teach, you learn. How does she know that?

Karen said...

Hmmmm, reminds me of Casey's recent "Persuasive Argument Paper" they did in expository class. It was about getting a puppy. I'm just sayin..... it worked!

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Jennie - She was born to teach! I really hope she becomes a teacher, she is really good at it.

Karen - Yeah, those expository classes, logic, and "the art of persuasive arguing" classes are not so helpful with our parenting skills...

Anonymous said...

Oh, #21 is the primary fun of homeschooling! You wouldn't believe what I know now that I didn't even know I didn't know then. Lol.

Oh, Heather, she's begging you. How can you say no? (See my big puppy dog eyes?) Of course her school's great--but her mommy is greater.

Of course, I do have to admit not all those things happen--like no more complaining. If I could cure that, I'd be the richest home schooler alive!

Alice said...

OK, Heather, I'm with your daughter here - lol!

We are in our 10th year of homeschooling and absolutely love it! We study the things Kali is interested in and have lots of adventures along the way. You feel like going on a field trip? you up and go. You feel like spending a week at Disney World? you up and go. Grandma fell, is in the hospital, and we need to move to Jacksonville for 6 months and take care of her? we packed the school books and up and went.

Of course, you need to pray on it and make sure it's where God wants you to be :O). When we started, I knew it was what God wanted us to do. My promise to Him was to keep it up until He tells me differently. Here we are all these years later. Every summer I ask again and so far He hasn't told me to do any different, so we are still homeschooling. Love it! But unless it is what God wants for your family - it won't work. gotta give her credit! She knows how to work it - ROFL!

If you want to see the most recent FUN homeschool thing we did, visit my blog and read my post "CFC Masters Lead the Escape in Texas".

Nana said...

I think #9 might be her biggest motivation and #24 would be for who??? She is a riot. She certainly knows how to work it. If the ecconomy keeps going south it might not be a bad idea.