Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today began with my first thoughts of my sister's new puppy she got last night. Check out her blog HERE to see pictures! Then I realized that because of yesterday's snow, we had a two-hour delayed school opening - WOO-HOO!! Richard had to head off to work at the normal time, except today he had to deal with not only the normal ridiculous traffic, but the Inaugural Day traffic as well... We had a nice slow morning, not the typical before school kind of morning. After doing the morning mom's taxi rounds, two hours later than usual, Emily and I headed to one of our favorite places - Target! I was so excited to find a coat that I had been keeping my eye on - on sale for 75% off!! It was a $70 coat that I got for $17!! I was so excited, that I got one for myself and one for Kirsten in another color, I was thinking if she didn't like it, I would just have two! But what do you know - she LOVED it!!Photobucket
Later in the day, when I was trying to make a call from my cell phone, I was trying to figure out why the calls weren't going through. Then I heard on the radio, that even though they put up a few extra temporary cell towers today for the Inauguration, apparently it wasn't enough. Sometimes it is still so strange to me to be living in a big city, where it snows, and where your commute and your cell phone calls can be disrupted by presidents being sworn into office. I'm just a small town girl from Florida, sometimes this life just seems so strange! The girls both were able to watch the Inauguration on TV at school - it was such an historic day to witness really. Even though I'm not terribly fond of our President, it was rather moving to see our very first African-American President be sworn into office. One day our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be reading about this in their history books. It has been fun to talk with the girls about what it would be like to be moving into the White House today. How amazing it must be through the eyes of two little girls. I asked my girls "If you were becoming the President today, what is the first thing you would do?" Kirsten said "I would even out the taxes", Hannah said "I would cancel school", and Emily said "I would have a CAMP-OUT!!".
I was giving Emily her lunch, and she says to me "Mommy, I cannot eat this rice, it makes the breath come right out of my mouth". Now, how can you argue with that?
Happy Inauguration Day from Maryland!

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Jennie said...

Very pretty coat.

Wendy said...

I love the coat! The boys were able to watch the Inauguration at school today. I had to discuss the significance of today with Noah as he was disappointed that he missed indoor recess to watch President Obama being sworn into office. I was saddened to see President Bush end his era and watched with some sadness as he and Mrs. Bush flew off to TX. I pray for our nation and our nation's new leaders... Happy Inauguration Day to you too!

casey ryan said...

Thats a cute coat looks like something from Narnia

Anonymous said...

i love the angle on the pictre of Kirsten in the coat, and you know i love the coat as well! Oh and i am alll for you putting more pictures up of your personal life, you really have a way with words, maybe thats where Kirsten gets it? omgoodness i literally laughed out loud when i read what Emily said of what she would do,she is the most precious thing!!