Monday, January 19, 2009


Today we woke up to an unexpected snowfall!! What a wonderful surprise!
Don't you love Kirsten's new haircut???!! SASSY!!!
This was this morning just after it started snowing. The girls were so excited - we have hardly had any snow this year!! (Although, we did get our fill of the snow and cold when we were in Minnesota!) Gotta love the matching Grandma Marion mittens!
My boys LOVE the snow - they couldn't get enough of it in MN - they were happy to play in it at home some too. Notice Bailey's pink foot? That's his "who me? I didn't eat a marker" look.
Then we had some fun inside modeling some snow hats and coats with the neighbors!

And of course, Miss Boo had to join in!
My beautiful Hannah bear...
And the "after the snow" traditional hot chocolate - then off to naptime ....

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Anonymous said...

It was a fun morning, wasn't it? Only we never got to the nap time. Hmm...maybe I can still fit it in before dinner. I know I'd love it!

Wendy said...

Even before I read the comment I noticed Kirsten's haircut--LOVE IT! Last week we had a total of 10 inches throughout the week--guess who was in FL all week?! NOT ME!! It's beautiful, but it's been so cold that the boys didn't get to enjoy the snow that accumulated last Wed. until yesterday! We took them sledding--I'll try to post pix soon. Miss you guys!

Jennie said...

Chelsea is so jealous of the snow. Hope you guys can come down here soon for some warmer temps.

Florida Girl said...

I also noticed that haircut in one glance--it looks really cute on her. My model today had a fur coat like that too and we did a few Florida style! haha (inspired by Nicole's of course) Also-in the third to last photo of Emily, I love the reflection of you guys in her eyes. So sweet to see that. :) The Hannah Bear photo is so adorable--she is a gorgeous girl. Love the Starbuck's mug of Emily's too.

Nana said...

Kirsten's haircut was the first thing I noticed too. It is cute. I love all the pictures. They are all growing up so much and are so very beautiful. Tomorrow and Wed. night we are heading for 24 and 21 degrees. Brrrr. Someone needs to remember that THIS IS FLORIDA!!!!

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Pam - you notice ALL the details!! I noticed that catchlight in Emily's eyes too!! I was crouched down at her level, so the two that you see is Hannah and her friend above me trying to make Emily smile - isn't that so cute?

Jennie - you guys come visit the snow!!

Wendy - Why were the boys in Florida?

Nana - That is REALLY cold for you, considering you are cold if it gets below 90!!

Anonymous said...

omgoodness i can tell your pictures are getting better and better! i dnt knw wht ur doing but something is making your latest picture look amazingg! i love the pictures of emily smiliing with her mouth wide open and the one of hannah in the jacket those were my favorites ooo and the one of kirsten ketching snow on her touge!! love emm cu tomorrow

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Maddie - it's the new LENS, remember???!!!! Worth every penny!!

casey ryan said...

Kirstens haircut is soo cte she looks a lot more older and sophistacated