Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ocean City Girls Trip 2012

 Ocean City, MD
 Girls only!
 six girls + two moms
 sunshine on our shoulders
 sandy toes
 crashing waves
 the smell of sunscreen
 best friends
 sharing a huge hotel room
 the ocean calls me
 special memories
 memories of being 17 on the beach
 little sisters
 big sisters
 catching a wave
 french braids
 pony tails
 surfer girl
 surf, sun, and sand
 beach umbrellas
 pool  bracelets
 silly string
 funny accents
 indoor pools
 watching lightning
 finally snapping at the right time
 precious girly curlies
 fancy lobby
 taking pictures
 clam shells
 taunting waves
wet dresses
 watching night fall
 watching surfers
 lifeguard chairs
 pretty sunsets
 silly girls
 glow bracelets
 sand-free zones
 silly faces
 cell phones
 spaghetti dinner
 water slides
 light up frisbee
 memories to last a lifetime


Alice said...

looks like a wonderful time! and i love that lightning strike - - and your comment, i know, right? --- and the picture of emily right above the words "beach umbrellas" awesome!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful beach and lovely, happy, fun faces :-)