Monday, July 16, 2012

Warrior Dash MN Style

 After Kirsten ran her first Warrior Dash  here locally - her cousins thought it sounded like great fun, so they all did one together in the Tundra of Minnesota - HOWEVER, it was seriously 107 degres that day.  Team BLUE ready to run!  (with just a tad of sparkly accessorizing)

 Taking a school  bus from the parking location over to the race area. 

 Casey got some of her friends to run as well... 

 It was so crazy hot we all thought we just might perish - I do NOT know how these girls ran a marathon in that heat. 

 Warriors Ready!!!?
 And they're off! 

 "Best friend Kari's" family cheering her on! (Hi Best Friend Kari's Mom!!) 

 We tried to stay out of the sun with umbrellas - thank goodness Uncle Cary thought to bring them along. 

 The first of our team to near the end of the run - The Sisters!! Casey is a track star and she was determined to wait for her big sister Nicole and to cross the finish line together - she later told us there were several "sister movie moments" throughout the course - Nicole saying "just GO, leave me here" and Casey "I am NOT leaving you - we ARE going to cross the finish line together!!!" - great stuff! 
Check out the exact same position the sisters were running in - completely in sync!!  It had to have been fifty million degrees near that fire - so crazy hot out there.  This course was on a ski slope - they ran the course UP HILL on a ski slope, deep sand, - going through all sorts of obstacles, think military style. 

 One last surge of adrenaline for the last obstacle, a mud crawl under barbed wire....
 See that in the picture below? 105 degrees, it had just read 107 before I took the picture - a guess a cool breeze came along.  :) 

 SUCCESS!! They finished! Now we wait for the rest of the group......
 while laying on the ground and being fanned and water misted by 6-year-old cousin......
 while holding a dainty parasol to keep the sun off little miss with her perfectly manicured nails.... these girls CRACK me up!!!  I guess we can certainly say they are well-rounded. 
 And then the second part of our group comes into sight! 


 But first wave at the camera! :)   Thank you. 

 THEY DID IT!!!!  I am sooooo super proud of these girls! If they can do this - they can do ANYTHING! 

 ICK - that mud smelled like poop. 


Nana said...

I am sure there must be a good reason WHY they do this but for the life of me I can't imagine what it is.

Anita Johnson said...

Your photos have always amazed sharp, beautiful color...and such fun subjects too. I'd love to do some warrior thing at our church...messy, but it looks like fun....your 4th pictures are just beautiful...and that little dog? So glad I stopped by!