Monday, July 16, 2012

Ohio Caverns

After some computer issues, I am finally able to start blogging all of our vacation pictures - we had a FABULOUS time away with friends and family.  Our first stop was in Ohio to see our good friends the Martins - remember Kirsten and her prom date?  We chose the hottest days of the summer to  be gone and this day was no exception! We decided it would be wise to escape the 100 degree heat by going deep underground into a cave and go on a spelunking adventure!! It was a wonderful 54 degrees in there so we all took along a sweatshirt - it was so crazy hot outside that I never even needed mine in the cave since it was so refreshing.

Isn't it odd that such an incredible cave can be deep under flat farmland in the middle of Ohio? Strange.

Nana - you would never have survived the very claustrophic feeling - I was actually surprised that it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. 
We all got a refresher course on stalagmites and stalactites -

I think the cave looks like it has giant teeth and it's trying to eat us up! 
Switching over to I Phone photos now .....
One of the long-standing Martin/O'Steen traditions is to go gem mining together. Kirsten and Alex have always loved this.  Punkin was able to teach Boo all about it - this was the first time she remembered doing it. 

 Did I mention it was hot outside?
 I just love that they came home and Alex pulled out his collection of gem stones that he has "mined" over the years and the two reminisced as they studied his collection.
And then they decided to see if they could actually fry an egg on the sidewalk - surprisingly enough, it really didn't do too much. 

It's just too hot to go out - think I'll stay in here and watch. 

Spending time in the cool basement playing X-Box connect (kinect?). Very FUN! 

while Miss Boo loved on sweet Sophie.