Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gosh I Miss This Guy

For six days I had the sounds of a little boy filling this house, and I sure do miss that little guy.   This is my nephew Tanek, adopted from Russia.   He and Boo are just a few months apart in age, but oh my how different boys and girls are!  He is so silly and goofy and  Full. Of. Energy!  He wakes up with a smile on his face and it doesn't go away until he has gone to bed.... which is very...very.. late!  :)

He left behind one of his Legos - this boy eats, sleeps and breathes Legos.   So this Lego man sits on my computer and is a little daily reminder of my little dude.

We sure do miss you Tanek man! I can still hear you humming your Star Wars theme song echoing through the walls of the house.   Come back and see us soon!


Nana said...

We had such a good time. He talks about his "cousins" all the time and his Uncle Richard and Aunt Heather. Even after our loooong drive home which according to Tanek took 1000 hours (and it did seem like it) he asked when he was going to get to go back. I think the "cousins" need to spend a week with Nana and Papa in the summer. I am sure Kirky probably wouldn't be up for it but maybe Emily and Hannah would be.

Anonymous said...

And I miss my girls.Iagree with Ilene Hannah and emily need to spend a couple weeks with us here in sunny Florida and Kirky we have horses here also that you could ride if you could come too.Papa G

Stephanie said...

Tanek misses all of you too! Funny picture of him! If you were here, you could be listening to the Star Wars theme right now! And, just to be technical, it's really Kazakhstan now.