Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boo's Birthday

On 11/11/11 we celebrated Boo's birthday at school. 

Daddy spent some time with her on the playground...

I think Daddy may have enjoyed the playground a little too much!

and then at 11:11 am we all sang Happy Birthday!

This is one of Boo's best kindergarten buddies - they totally get each other's humor because they both have much older teenage sisters, who also happen to be great friends.  Those two crack each other up!

Choosing a birthday treat from the birthday box.

Boo recited her birthday poem for her teachers, "Now We Are Six" by A.A. Milne.

We all shared a few tears as we reminisced on how that exact day six years ago, while Boo was being born at the hospital, her big sister Banana was in Mrs. Thompson's kindergarten class waiting to hear the news of her arrival!  Mrs. Thompson is a very special lady to us.

Then when the big sisters came home from school Boo was able to open her birthday gifts.   Her new American Girl doll was a big hit!

Thank you hugs for big sister who has become quite adept at avoiding the camera.

And sister Banana gave her the Wii game she has been waiting and waiting and waiting for ....  her face in the picture below absolutely cracks me up!

Then we had a small family celebration with our close friends - no big party this year!  Nana, Aunt Stephanie and cousin Tanek arrived from Florida to help celebrate too.  Lots of pictures of them coming up soon!

Happy Birthday Boo!


Caseybumpinalong said...

Wow - what great pictures! Happy Birthday to your Boo!

Unknown said...

What a great day and a beautiful, happy, excited little girl! My Hannah said to tell Boo that she has collected all of those Usbourne Sticker Doll books, she loves them, and of course American Girl dolls - what lovely gifts :-)

Jgaga7 said...

Such sweet pictures and I love Rich on the swing. Give them all kisses and hugs from me.

Nana said...

So glad we got to be a part of the birthday week celebration. Still can't believe she is already 6. I also agree that Mrs. Thompson is a very special teacher. Glad Emily got to have her for a teacher too.

Erin Gaeng said...

I just love the picture of her hugging her new doll (not that all of the others aren't cute though!!) happy birthday to her!!