Thursday, July 28, 2011

St George Island Memories....

This vacation was my most favorite ever - we enjoyed being with our family without having to do the normal run-around to try and see everyone equally.  Normally when we make our annual trek to FL to see our families, it's full of stress and running around and not at all relaxing.  Renting a beach house and letting our family come to us was perfect!  It was so relaxing, peaceful, recharging and fun - we made so many memories!

"did you see that shooting star?... no, I was looking at my feet"

kitchen sink sprayers

"I just really, really love cats"

"see no sand, hear no sand, speak no sand"

"what?  STOP - DON'T MOVE! - that thare is a water moccassin"

"Wouldn't you think my complexion's complete?"

gaga fluffs and slamming drawers

Troy Towner and Tiny Tower

making bracelets, making bracelets, making bracelets

parrots riding bicycles

screaming like a girl and just not caring - crabby claws
"we could be walking here naked and no one would ever know"

"I raaaaaaaaallly liiiiiiiike yooooooooou"
How to speak with a southern accent

mosquito bites, cell-phone suicide jumps, sandy bathtubs, fabric softener, dryer timer failure
movies in the park

spaghetti sauce spills, dishwasher detergent wrappers

Blowing chunks
Life is ____ t-shirts

water bottles
sea gulls and animal crackers


sunscreen, bug spray, sunscreen, bug spray

Hey Jolie - I think thats a mosquito on your face!

hermit crab sanctuary on the deck
"Somebody call Cirque de Soleil!!"

Memories to last a lifetime.....


Caseybumpinalong said...

WOW! What amazing captures, from what looks like an amazing time! Glad you had fun! So fun reliving some of my own St. George memories thru your photos!

Karen said...

And this was my favorite post!!!!

Karen said...

...and "I need more sock fluff!"

Susie said...

Ohhhhh, i wanna be in your family!!!

Jason A. Van Bemmel said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm not sure all of the captions make sense for the pictures they're with, but maybe there's some inside joke I'm missing.