Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Kirky!!

The night we left for our vacation, Punkin had her 16th birthday party.  She just wanted to have a few friends over before the BIG EVENT that she had been waiting for - the midnight premiere of the final Harry Potter movie.  The kids just hung out and had pizza and ice cream before we all headed over to the midnight movie.   Planning a party for just hours before you leave for a week long vacation is not advisable.  Lesson learned.  But the kids had a GREAT time!


Katie said...

Absolutely weirding me out to see Danni and Emily hanging with all of my school friends... having known them for 12 years and not known that they knew these people that I also know... [mind explodes a little]

Kirsten said...

Katie - I've known them for a while, actually, and we recently reconnected while working at Beachmont. Wish you could have been there!