Monday, July 25, 2011

A Quick Stop at Nana's

As soon as our midnight movie got out - we headed straight to FLORIDA!!  Punkin chose her friend Megan to come along with us on vacation - she is the BEST!!   We made a quick stop at Nana's house for one night to see all the grandparents and eat some Sonny's BBQ.

The girls spent some time with Tanek in the pool.

It cracks me up to see my mom now always on her cell phone - taking pictures, texting - what is this world coming to??  :)

And we celebrated Kir's birthday one more time with our FL family.

Boo soaked up some Papa love.... and then we were off to St. George Island!!


Caseybumpinalong said...

Great pics, as always! Oh yeah, love me some Sonny's BBQ, and St. George Island! We'd go there every summer for a week when I was growing up. Can't wait to see your pics from your adventures there!

Karen said...

I totally love how Nana pieced together the 16 on the cake! You know that number 6 is from sweet birthday from years past.....