Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Banana's class at school has been reading the book Redwall by Brian Jacques.   They celebrated the book by having a Redwall Feast (Father Abbot's Jubilee Feast) and dressing as the characters in the story.  This was also to honor Brian Jacques life as a writer - he passed away last week, just as the class was finishing the story.

Hannah was so excited to dress like her favorite character "Warbeak" - a bird of course! She made her costume herself by recycling an old Egyptian costume and gluing feathers all over it.  She even made her crown from vines and berries from the backyard.

Her teacher is so creative! She made "Cavern Hole" - which was the classroom.  You had to crawl through the tunnel to get into the hole.

and inside was very dark and "cave-like" with just strings of light up above!  They spent their whole school day inside Cavern Hole.

My Hannah-Banana said it was the best day of her life!! Wow!

Her transition back into school has been better than I could have ever imagined!! She is soooo happy to be back.  She comes out of school every day just as happy as she can be!  Such an answer to prayer.


Caseybumpinalong said...

Great pics! You are so blessed to have such a great school for your girls. I love the Redwall day. We'll have to read that book.