Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't know how or when it happened, but my Boo who used to run away and hide when I brought out my camera, now begs me to take pictures of her. She is the most girly-girl in this house full of girls that we have!! She absolutely loves to feel beautiful. She planned our little photo session for days, down to her dress and even her accessories. She even gave me firm instructions on how to fix her hair, and insisted on bare feet. She did all the "posing" herself, and I think she has very good taste!! It was difficult putting her off all day until we had the right light this evening. I told her it really would be worth the wait. I hope she likes how they turned out.


Karen said...

Tell Miss E that she chose the perfect accessory! Adorable pictures and it makes me miss her all the more!

Nana said...

Well she should feel beautiful because she sure looks beautiful. She did a great job posing. Love her hair like that. Emily you are beautiful. We love you and miss you so much.