Friday, August 1, 2008


Guess what I did today? I assembled this bookcase all by myself (With a few extra little girl hands here and there.). Gotta love IKEA. That place is awesome. We are in the process of making our entire living level much more functional for our family's lifestyle. This is my attempt at becoming more organized. This handy dandy wall unit will now hold all of our DVD's, CD's, photo albums, ten thousand million pictures not in albums, books and more. It even has a very cool charging station where we can plug in our cell phones, etc and and it all stays hidden away (and off the kitchen counter more importantly!) We are turning our formal living room into the office/library. I also put together my new computer desk which will be going on the wall opposite this. It will be great to have more desk space for when all my print orders come in. (If you know of anyone who wants a cherry-wood computer armoire, let me know - as well as a couch and loveseat). As soon as I get the desk done and organized I'll post a picture. And for Karen - who is requesting (er, demanding) this picture - yesterday, we had the hardwood floors installed in the family room. We had the wood on the whole living level except for the family room - so we had them take up the carpet and match the wood to the rest of the house - they did a pretty good job, didn't they? Pardon the very bare, non-decorative, no furniture picture. We are shopping for new furniture for this room as well as a flat screen TV for over our fireplace. So, I'm just leaving it bare for now. Our next project is to turn our formal dining room (which was actually used as my office) into an everyday dining room to make more room in our kitchen. If we take our small dining table out of the eat-in kitchen, we can extend our kitchen quite a bit. We are going to add in a long kitchen island with an L-shaped bar on the end where the girls can sit, which will greatly extend our kitchen and add some much-needed counter space. HOWEVER, that project will probably not happen until spring when there are more funds in "Heather-needs-to-reorganize-and-decorate" account. :)
Oh, and Happy August - can you believe it?

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Jennie said...

The floors are beautiful !

Nana said...

I love the floors being all the same. Makes the house look much bigger. They did a great job matching it all. Love your new cabinet too. I think this will all work great for you guys.

Karen said...

Well, geez, didn't know that asking to see a pic of the new floor was being "demanding" - sorry.

Anyway, I agree with Ilene - the room looks bigger and I love the new bookshelves.

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Hey - you know I'm just kidding!! I gotta keep up the never-ending job of being a "little sister", somebody has to do it!