Tuesday, August 5, 2008


On Sunday Kirsten left for River Valley Ranch Camp. It's an amazing place that she has been to on several occasions, mostly on retreats with her school. This is her first time attending the week long horse and trailriding camp. A big bonus is that it is also a christian camp. Does it get any better?? Christian horses, ya just can't ask for more for my girl. Brody was a little droopy on Sunday - he knew those bags meant she was leaving. I think he decided to hold them down so she couldn't leave. A kiss good-bye from Boo. Big hugs from Hannah
Lots of love from Daddy. And we're off!! Kirsten and Jordan have been buddies since the first grade. They only see each other a few times a year, but you will never meet two more alike people on the planet!! I'm not entirely convinced that they are not twins separated at birth. They are the ultimate kindred spirits. Jordan's shirt says "Here is one little girl who would rather whisper to ponies than talk to boys". WE MADE IT!!
In their bunks.
Already joining in with the group. Isn't childhood the best? You can show up at camp and know no strangers. Especially when they all share the same horse passion! It was so cute to see the bunk-lined walls with each girls' riding helmets hanging from the post, and all their riding boots lined up at the end of their beds. Kirsten is in horse heaven. This week's camp is an all-girl, all middle school student. They will even be going on an overnight trailriding camp out!!

It's a beautiful place!
The camp is set up like an old time western town. Complete with a jailhouse! Better behave girls!
Kirsten's latest favorite quote "Forget Prince Charming, Just Give Me His Horse!"
Kirsten's bunk house.
Have the time of your life Punkin!! What a week it will be! Please send Kirsten some e-mails while she is at camp!! The easiest way to do this is just to send them to me and I can forward them through to her on our account. She will get them via the good old-fashioned "mail call!"

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Nana said...

She is going to love this. What a neat place. I bet she could live there and be very content and happy.

Karen said...

That is an awesome camp!! You will hear about it for a veeeery loooong time!!

Florida Girl said...

These are very sweet pictures Heather.

Jennie said...

Looks like she's in heaven. I hate it when they are gone for that long though. At least you have to other girls and two boys to keep you busy while she's away.