Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week in Review - The One with Dogs and Pretzels

 - Puppies know when it's time for school to start.
- They get rather bored however with the math.
 - Silly puppies.

 - A rainy day break this week.

 - Creative with math and snack time.
 - We weren't even studying Roman Numerals.
 - Love the freedom to change the lesson. :)
 - And the importance of keeping it silly.

 - Exploring what it feels like to be blind and read braille.
 - Studying Greek mythology.
-  Listening to a portion of The Iliad in English and in Greek.
 - Nature Notebook - we saw a snake on our morning walk. ICK!!
 - Making music. Her favorite songs to play right now - the Brady Bunch Theme song and the Downton Abbey theme song - the well-rounded TV genre child. :)


Unknown said...

Great week! Love the pretzel numerals, and your dogs are so cute joining in :-)