Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mummy Wrap 2014

 One of the highlights in second grade at our little classical school is the Egyptian Mummy Wrap!  Our second graders get VERY excited when it comes to learning about Egyptian history.  Their wonderful teacher makes Egyptian history come alive in a way that you just wouldn't believe.  Who knew 8-year-olds could be so interested in the mummification process? And be able to tell you every detail about it? Simply amazing. My Boo checks out books from the library about Egypt ALL the time.
My favorite little mummy.

 Wrapping up the teacher is always the favorite part. 

 Mommy's can make great Mummy snacks!! :) 
 Our little mummys always remember to say their prayers 

 Such beautiful attractive little children - and did I mention they are also quite creative??

 Yes, she must be a real mummy since we all know Mommy's (er... mummys) always have eyes in the backs of their heads. 


Unknown said...

Prettiest mummy ever!! Love the eyes in the back of the head shot - she looks remarkably like 'cousin it'( in a cute way of course ) !