Friday, March 28, 2014

Decorating for Spring

It seems like spring will never arrive this year.  We have had just a taste of spring-like weather here and there, but it mostly still feels like winter lately.  I decided if we can't have spring outside, then we at least can have spring inside.  It's been a long time since I did any kind of spring decorating but this year seemed like the perfect time. 
One of my favorite Easter decorations is the little bunny figurine (top left) of a mommy bunny with a baby carriage.  I bought this back when I was pregnant with my first little Punkin in 1995 - it always brings back such good spring time memories of her first Easter. 
  I love these blog templates that let me put multiple pictures together, but for some reason they make the pictures look a little blurry and out of focus - sorry about that! Too much work to go back and change it now - ha! 
 Everything is so bright and cheerful now - the dining room feels like a breath of fresh air! 

Happy Spring!! 


Nana said...

Very Pretty

Susie said...

Ohhh, beautiful!!