Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You Know You Are a NCCS Mom When....

You Know You Are a New Covenant Christian School Mom When....

You do a little mini happy dance on Tuesday mornings when you don't have to pack lunches because it's Pizza Day.

When it looks like it might be raining at dismissal time, you leave home 20 minutes early to be one of the first in line for the rain dismissal.

You start to throw something in the garbage and four family members yell "Don't throw that away - there's a BOX TOP on it!"

When said Box Tops have been haphazardly-because-there-is-no-time cut out, a three way argument  begins about which class will benefit from the Box Top.

Approximately 30% of the items in your pantry have square holes cut out of the cardboard boxes.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, you begin singing songs from Memory Period about Western Europe, the Dewey Decimal System, or the Bones in Your Body.

You get downright giddy when French Toast uniforms has a sale.

You often break out into singing "Pharoah, Pharoah, Oooooooooh, let my people go". 

Recitatio becomes the highlight of your year.

When you see black mulch on the living room floor, your kids bed, or the floor of your car, you immediately recognize it as the mulch from the school playground.

When dropping kids off in the morning at the Grammar School you are tempted not to pull ALL the way to the orange cone.

You hear stories about where "Ed" is hiding in the classroom, and you momentarily wonder why there is a man hiding in their classroom.

You know what game "nuke-em" is on the playground.

You wonder why fifth and sixth grade boys get so excited about measuring skid marks left on the hallway floors.

Your children all speak to each other in Latin and you feel really left out.

Your older children start referring to their friends and classmates as Luthers, Augustines, Calvins, and Athanasians.

You secretly stalk the Halloween costume aisle when they go on clearance looking for Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Medieval costumes.

You have a closet in your house dedicated solely to twelve years of historical time period costumes.

You use the word "trivium" like it's an everyday word when discussing education with others.

When you make large purchases, you think in terms of tuition "that will cost half of one kids tuition - do we really need the car repaired?"  or "that will be one WHOLE tuition - we don't really need a new roof". 

You secretly wish you had been classically educated yourself (or not so secretly, and you think it often).

You anxiously await to see what color your child's team is for Field Day and without fail, its ALWAYS the color of the shirt that your child does not own.

You find yourself using the Socratic method of questioning during dinner time conversation.

Your book shelves are lined with a collection of The Great Books and your kids have a love of literature that boggles your mind.

Medieval Times, the Sultana and River Valley Ranch become milestones in your children's lives.

Your children consistently point out every fallacy that comes out of your mouth.

Their debating skills are second to none and you often think NCCS should offer debate class for parents as well.

Your older children begin to see all of life through a filter of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

You realize how incredibly chivalrous our young men treat our young ladies.

When describing our school to an outsider you find yourself at a loss for words when trying to describe the environment.

You are humbled when you witness the Christ-like servant leadership of our older students.

You realize that there is no better place on earth for your children to be educated -
 Sharpening Minds, Shepherding Hearts, Shaping Lives.