Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 9 Rome - The Coliseum and Ancient Rome

 The last half of our last day in Rome was spent touring the Coliseum, and doing a walking tour of the ancient ruins.

 It was very surreal to be standing in such a rich piece of history. There is so much I want to say about it!  But this famous quote sums it up --
 It was amazing to think of how they would flood the bottom of the coliseum to stage the Sea Battles  back in the first century AD, simply using the aqueduct system. Unbelievable! 

 haha - doesn't this picture just sum them up perfectly? 
 After the coliseum, we went on a walking tour of the ancient ruins...

 We even walked along an ancient Roman road - there are no words to describe this. 
 And a beautiful rainbow over Rome! 
 We did another quick excursion to visit some ancient Catacombs.  We went deep underground (again no photography) to the ancient  burial grounds - another surreal experience. 

 And we ended our last day in Europe at the Piazza Venezia and Forum Romanum. 
 This is where Punkin bought her Dante in Italian. 

These girls tried their hand at bartering with street vendors for beautiful sketches of famous landmarks of Rome - they did a great job and we now have beautiful pictures hanging on our walls at home. 
 The parking situation always gave us a good giggle.  Creative!? 

 We had an authentic Trattoria dinner, and then did a quick night bus tour of Rome.

 We said goodbye to our "oh-so-fabulous" bus driver - FABIO!!! 
 And we enjoyed the beautiful sights of The Swiss Alps on our flight back to the states.