Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

I love having a New Years Eve birthday.  There is always a good reason to get together with friends.  This year we invited just two of our friends over, but that alone makes it a party! :)  We all sat down to a cozy winter dinner around the table and shared our New Years Resolutions.   One of mine includes our family really changing the way technology is used in our home.    We are challenging ourselves with putting our "technology appendages" in a stack whenever we sit down to do things together - most especially meal times.  Whoever is the least resistant and grabs theirs first either pays the bill (HA!) or has to clean up.  I'm even in the process of making a pretty framed "Family Rules" print as it applies to this to hang on our wall. 

In March my BFF and I - well, along with 22 others, are heading to Europe!  Joanne is actually heading up the trip and is keeping me very excited about it (because she knows I'm also slightly anxious about going) - she gave me these maps of the cities we will be touring. 
I waver between these two feelings about the trip - good thing she is there to keep dragging me along.  :) 

 And this wonderful lady keeps me cracking up and smelling good at the same time! And if you need any Norwex products - she's your lady! :)

Matchy scarves for Europe!
 We had fun pretending it was midnight right about 8 pm.  What can you expect from this old lady? Another year older and another hour earlier to bed.

 Punkins face.... HA!

 Love my friends.....

 It's become a tradition to Just Dance the evening away on NYE - but we missed my sister and her family this year.

 Just keep dancing Pat.....

Love my Maddy

 They seriously put 41 candles on my birthday brownie.  Great balls of fire!

 What was I doing?

Happy New Year!!