Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Nana and Papa G joined us for Christmas this year and were able to experience a little bit of snow!

 We enjoyed going to the Christmas Eve candle light service in the snow, and then driving around looking at Christmas lights.
 We were able to spend a wonderful evening with the "other" O'Steens while Nana and Papa were here, it was so fun to hear them share stories of Vietnam and such - we are pretty sure there is a distant family relation between our families.

 The O'Steen BOYS!! (there aren't many of those around here)
 Christmas jammies! Then we had our traditional dance with Daddy around the tree, and the reading of the Christmas story, along with Twas The Night Before Christmas poem.
 Christopher made his final appearance of the season Christmas morning and had a treat for the family - DONUTS!!

 Christopher even left Emily a present! It was the fish she has been asking for all year.  What a kind little elf.

 And the pink guitar.......

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas season!


Nana said...

It's fun seeing the pictures and reliving the memories. I am sure the other "O'Steens" are related. He and Richard favor. They are some relatives that we will gladly claim.
That elf was sure nice to bring donuts on Christmas morning. And Emily looks like a little country singer already. Papa and a pink guitar, well enough said about that. Thanks for the memories. Loved the ballet, seeing the movie, playing in the snow with the girls, going to the barn with Kirky, all of it was fun. Have a very Happy New Year. Can't believe the holidays are now just good memories.

Unknown said...

Aww, lovely!