Friday, December 7, 2012

More Christopher Adventures!

Christopher has been very busy still - he seems to have made himself right at home and is behaving better all the time. He is great at keeping himself occupied.
 We were very relieved when we discovered that Christopher is also a HUGE Bama fan - SEC Champions! Roll Tide!!! 
He has been very welcoming to our newest family member. 
He felt the need to get some exercise so he geared up in some American Girl doll riding clothes and hit the trails.  He was gone for quite a while. 
A certain little Miss had a very bad dream one night that Christopher had bitten the head off of her very favorite and most loved little stuffed dog, Sam. 
Even though Christopher didn't ACTUALLY do that, he still felt very sorry indeed and tried to make amends with Sam. 
He even threw a little tea party, of course it had to include chocolate.... and candy canes. 

We were a little concerned when we found him on Banana's poster about Greek gods - but no worries, I think he just wanted to help. 

We discovered he has a hidden talent for cutting out paper snowflakes - he is most certainly skilled in that area! WOW!

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