Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Punkin's Senior Pictures

I can't even believe it. How did my baby girl become a senior on her way to college?  I'm so proud of her - she has a perfect GPA, incredible ACT scores, she is one of the highest elected officials in her student body, and she loves the Lord.  We just couldn't ask for anything more - we have been blessed beyond measure.   And she's beautiful to boot! :)

We had so much fun taking these pictures (that is after the "what to wear" crisis was resolved - thank you cousin Casey!) - these were just her first top picks - we literally have hundreds more.  I love how they turned out and I think it's a perfect blessing of a way to end her educational journey here at home.  The rest is just beginning! 


Susie said...

Oh Heather! These are beautiful! Really, really beautiful xx

Tessa said...

Simply gorgeous Heather!!! The one of her riding the horse... BREATHTAKING!!!!