Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School 2012

 The end of summer :(  but on to the next chapter.....
 All three girls in school ALL day - first time in 17 years
 The house will  be so quiet
 Last first day of school at NCCS for my Punkin - drives herself to school
 First day at the Upper School for Banana.
 Lifetime friends
 Excitement of her very first locker - decorated by her big sister
 First grade and 12th grade......sigh.....
 Waiting for the sorting ceremony to be placed into houses.
 New(ish) friends
 and old friends

 Boo is the only O'Steen at the grammar school now.  Our 10th year seeing Pastor Barker greeting us at the door on the first day of school.
 So excited to be upstairs with the "big kids".
 But not completely sure about being gone from home all day just yet.
 First time eating lunch at school.
 The beginning of lifetime friendships.
 Perfect learning environment where everything learned is filtered through biblical truth.
 I love you Daddy.

Happy Back to School! 


Nana said...

Big day at the O'Steens!

Caseybumpinalong said...

What an exciting day. Great photos!