Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Horse Show 2011

Cherokee Raiders Fun Show

perfect fall day

sunny Sunday morning

photography fun


Jordan and Leigh

waiting for judging
casual and comfortable

sister audience

placed first in her first class

Smokey shining in jumping classes

chats with her trainer

photography lessons

fall foliage

favorite picture of the day - Boo and Smokey
horsey tongue


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, and well done to Kirsten for her first place.
My pony when i was growing up was also called Smokey - he was a lovely little bay New Forest :-)

Kristi said...

Just love every one.

Nana said...

You really captured some good shots. Kirsten is a serious rider for sure. Love your fall leaves too!

Karen said...

Love it all! The leaves are really pretty too.