Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Bird

Hi there. Bailey here - yes, I'm the family dog. Well, one of them anyway, but I'm the favorite.  When mom was in the shower today, I decided to once and for all take care of that bird that sits so proudly on Banana's night stand.  They call it "decor" - whatever.   That bird was just asking for it.

I very proudly left it right outside the bathroom door for her. 

I'm not really sure I should have done that.  She used the "bad dog" words, but she didn't sound mad.  It was very confusing.

I couldn't decide if I should look at her or not.   Should I be proud or ashamed?   She was really giving me some mixed signals.

I decided to be proud.   But I'm probably going to stay away from the moving and squawking birds around here.  Too bad, because they are very tempting.  It's ashame they put those guys out of reach. 

 (well, Bailey this time, not Heather)


Karen said...

OK, my heart dropped when I first saw the feather, so glad to see it was just "decor"!!

Jgaga said...

Your dogs are so funny.

schweigen.ist.silber said...

His(?) facial expression and body language are priceless.

Jennie said...

That is so funny.