Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Organizing

Some of you out there will mock me for this post (you know who you are) - but I just LOVE getting everything organized.  I'm pretty sure I got that gene from my Grandma Dot.  I remember being at her house when I was little and she was always talking about being organized, organizing things, or scolding us because we weren't organized.  I remember not even knowing what that word meant.  Boy oh boy do I like that word now!  I definitely go through phases with my organization - mostly I get excited about it when I don't have ten thousand other things in my mind.  Like now - so I'm taking advantage of it while it's here.   I'm terribly excited about these chalkboard labels and chalkboard pen that I found!  They are vinyl reusable stickers, and wipe off easily (but not too easily - you need a damp cloth).

Again - I could kick myself for not taking a before picture of the toy shelf in the basement.   I was too excited to start organizing to think about it.  Just picture most of the toys on the floor in front of the shelf, and what was on the shelf was in complete disarray.  We have had this cubby-style shelf from Ikea for many years to hold the toys, I love this shelf.    A quick trip to Ikea to buy 8 of these canvas bins at only $4.99 each - they were made just for these shelves.  I love the perfect fit.  Add a handy-dandy label so the kiddos know right where to put everything - and wa-la!!  The green and blue plastic bins came from the dollar store.  Thats a great place to buy all sorts of bins, baskets and containers.

Labels for the baking necessities, with these containers from Target.  Now I don't have open bags of flour, sugar, etc in a basket. 

All year round, we have a variety of throw blankets around the family room.  And they were always everywhere!  Usually on the floor, with a dog laying on it.  And for some strange reason, I like to wash these blankets OFTEN - so it made me crazy to find the dogs laying on them all the time.  My solution - a large basket!!  Perfect.  Now the kiddos know right where to put the blanket when they are done with it.  Not that it always happens, but at least now they have a home.  And no more dogs laying on them.  And just in case they couldn't remember what actually went IN the basket - my chalkboard pen comes in handy.  :)

Same thing for magazines.

Now this time I actually remembered the "before" picture.   The under the kitchen sink cleaning supply station.  A jumbled mess.

My dollar store bargains....

and TA-DA!!  So much better - I can grab and go clean without crawling down on the floor and sticking my head into the cabinet to find what I'm looking for.

And finally - my closet.  I am IN LOVE with these shelf organizers.   I was always hesitant to try them  before, thinking they would not be sturdy and a waste of money.   These were a nice quality from Target from the Michael Graves collection.  I also got the additional expandable bar to make them extra sturdy and also add a great place for hanging my jeans below my shirts right in between the organizers.

Now..... what else can I organize??  Hmmmmmm.....................


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Wendy said...

Want to road trip to Ohio and help me?! :)

jgaga7 said...

I love it! I just started with bins a few years ago just because it was easier with my pots and pans, but you have those great drawers for yours. They become very addictive. Love your pics.

Jane Lund said...

Just found your blog. Where did you find the chalk board labels and pens? Love those, great blog!