Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer S'mores

summer backyard bonfires

giggly girls

sticky marshmallow fingers

fireflies swarming in the air

writing air letters with smoke

chocolate kisses

running off the sugar rush

tribal dancing

fireflies in mason jars

pony tails
sunkissed shoulders

pure joy
ninja moves

brown-eyed girl

hammock fun

perfect summer night


Nana said...

Looks like fun. Love the hammocks. We couldn't even have that fire right now. We are under a burn ban and can't have any fires, or fire works either. However, it seems that no one can control the lightning that seems to keep things burning. Have a great summer.

Unknown said...

Oh, you all have the best times!! Do you know that we can't buy graham crackers anywhere here - how sad is that!! No s'mores for us :-(

Your hammocks look like so much fun, Hannah wants one in our garden when it's finished (we're having work done on it next week to make it good for summer - yaay!)

Caseybumpinalong said...

What wonderful captures of a fun summer evening! I love these!

Anonymous said...

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Anita Johnson said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog...I enjoy stopping by here too! And now, I want a smore! Love the dogs and kids relaxing on the deck. We have had horrible weather this summer, but next week looks promising!

Unknown said...

Awesome pics, what kind of camera do you use?