Friday, June 3, 2011

Jump Rope

Nana is here for a visit and enjoyed some jump rope time!

However, when you are almost 67 years old, you may also spend some time on the ground if you choose to jump rope with your grandchildren.  :)

But Nana is a tough ol' Nana, so we knew she wasn't hurt cuz she was laughing too hard - and we all laughed so hard, we peed our pants - repeatedly! 

Sweet Hannah-Banana helped her up - and they were off and jumping again!

And then momma had a turn -

But after you have had three children, you should make sure to potty before jumping rope!!! :)

Daddy's turn!


Karen said...

Hilarious! Have fun with Nana! And yes, momma must potty before jumping (for me, the trampoline!)

Hollie said...

What a fun time! I love all the smiles. Enjoy your family time!

The Full Nelson said...

haha! I agree..having had three kids myself close together I totally understand!