Wednesday, November 3, 2010


First week of frost
cold toes
turned on the heater

excited girls peeking out windows
hot chocolate
no more grass to mow
no more chirping crickets
cozy warm home
dressed in autumn colors
leaves falling quickly
colors fading
very, very busy with photography
taking time to enjoy God's gift this morning
little girls in boots and hats
seeing their frosty breath
squeals of laughter
running through the frost
more coughing
frosty leaves
pink coats
exploring the wonder of frost when you are four
touching the frost
watching it disappear
tasting frost
mommy resisting the urge to stop her
days of being four coming to an end
peanut butter cheeks

study and observation
science lesson
outdoor classroom
beautiful eyes
smell of woodsmoke, winter and leaves
writing down observations
cold fingers
clear blue sky
reminding myself it's okay to have freedom with homeschooling

colors of nature
earth tones
hot chocolate



Scrolling down your pictures was like watching the leaves fall! Santa, I want a camera for Christmas just like Heather's!! :)

The Full Nelson said...

Looks gorgeous and you have a lovely home!

Caseybumpinalong said...

I want a camera like yours, too (and talent!) Beautiful pictures! You captured the first frost so well. What blessed children you have to have these moments captured so beautifully for them!

Nana said...

Beautiful pictures. But...I am glad the frost is at your house and not mine. Yesterday at Tanek's ballgame I was cold enough that the thought of hot chocalate crossed my mind. I can't believe that Emily is almost 5. Stop her. SHe is growing up way to fast.

Karen said...

I love this post!

Anonymous said...

This post was wonderfully romantic. I cant even choose a favorite picture, whether its one of the girls all bundled up and pink cheeked, or one of the pictures of the frost bitten leaves with fantastic clarity. This is amazing.

Wendy said...

Truly beautiful--thanks for offering a new perspective on the frost. I saw the frost the other morning and decided to remain indoors for a run on the treadmill--in hindsight, I should have braved the cold and marvelled at God's beauty. Next time... Enjoy your day :)