Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, my baby girl is 15!! So hard to believe that. For her birthday, she wanted to take a few friends to the beach. We had a wonderful time - what a great group of very sweet friends!
My birthday girl....
A few of the little sisters came along (four to be exact). It was nice - there was a "little" girl for each of the big girls.
We ate at a very yummy little bayside BBQ place.
We stayed in our friends beautiful beach condo right on the strip in Ocean City - thanks Michelle!!
I love this picture - so fun!! I also love how it shows Sam's personality! I love Sam, her and my Punkin have been friends since they were very small!! She is one who marches to her own drum, she is never swayed by the crowd. When all the girls decided to have me braid their hair - she decided to go with a ponytail. Yep, thats my Sam.
They made an amazing sand castle!! (and a sand turtle, and a sand horse!)
We enjoyed the roof top pool as much as the beach!


Nana said...

LOVE the picture of Em in the waves.

Wendy said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration :)! As always, LOVE the pix!

inadvertent farmer said...

Heather those are some just wonderful photos...the whole post made me so glad I have a daughter! Kim