Monday, October 19, 2009


So, the other day I was in the local educational supply store, and I picked up these letter tiles. I didn't even really have a very good idea of how to use them, but I thought they looked fun. I pulled them out today during the younger girls spelling time and WOW!!! I think we have found the PERFECT learning tool for my spellingly-challenged (?) child. I'm always trying to think of multi-sensory ways to work on spelling - I have gone to great lengths such as dumping flour or applesauce on the counter and letting her spell with her fingers like fingerpaint.... (what was I thinking?) This was the absolute perfect way to incorporate multi-sensory options into her spelling lessons.
She can SEE the letters, she HEARS me spell the word, she TOUCHES the letter tiles as she arranges them, and she REPEATS the spelling of the word. But best of all - it was FUN!!
This set of tiles is perfect for Boo - they have a small picture of an object and she needs to figure out the first letter of each object and snap them together. This kept her busy for as long as our spelling lesson lasted!
Even biggest sister had to join the fun! After sending her back to her work a few times, I decided to let her join us - it was great! She is working on the 500 Most Commonly Misspelled Words in the English Language - and she loved the letter tiles as well!
This is one word I will ALWAYS remember how to spell because it was the word that knocked me out of the Regional Spelling Bee when I was younger. :)
My smart little Poopsie-Loo!


Nana said...

Sure looks like more fun than flour and applesauce on the counter. Does Emily ever watch WordWorld? Tanek is learning to spell words from that and it is cute too.