Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today my Grandma Dot is 81 years old. I love this picture of Emily giving her great-grandma a nice big kiss. Emily has a special love for her Grandma Dot, and often will ask completely out of the blue if she can call her. My grandma lives in FL, in a nursing home, and as you know we are all the way up here in Maryland. (This picture was taken last February). I called my Grandma just a little bit ago to sing Happy Birthday to her, and I just miss her so much and wish I was there with her so bad, that I had to hold back tears. You see, she is not doing well. She has pneumonia, again. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and usually, she will give me QUITE a list - the top choice usually being a trip to Wal-Mart. Today, she said there is really nothing she wants. I'm worried about my Grandma, she is starting to feel a little hopeless I think. Her roommate died a few days ago. She said it's too hard to read anymore, and it's hard to get out of bed to put in a DVD, so there really isn't anything she wants, other than maybe some more pictures of her grandchildren to look at since she can't be with them. I got off the phone with her feeling just so sad, and called my husband to talk it through. We decided to call a florist and just order her some flowers, since that is something she could enjoy. So, I got on-line to google a florist in the little tiny FL town she lives in. I grew up in a little tiny town - I mean TINY - one red light. (I know, I know for all you Keystoners, there are TWO lights now). But businesses come and go in that small town and the neighboring not-quite-as-small towns, so I thought I would google "florists" to see what I could find. I found one, and placed the call, and as I was telling the florist what to put on the card- as soon as I said "Grandma Dot" - the florist said "IS THIS HEATHER?" As it turned out, it was a long-time childhood friend, Debbie, on the phone, who is actually distantly related by marriage!! (That would be my sister's husbands brother's wife - follow?) She was just thrilled that she could go deliver my Grandma her flowers on her birthday at the nursing home. She said she would give Grandma five hugs from all of us, and then another one from herself, and that she would pray with her and just bless her as much as she could. Thank you Lord for such sweet blessings, thank you for leading me to call THAT florist, and thank you for Debbie who can love on my Grandma for me today. Happy Birthday Grandma Dot - we love you!

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Florida Girl said...

This story reminded me of something from a movie. I guess that would make me one of your friends that still lives in the small town. You know those movies usually end with the "small town girl" gone "big city" coming back to the small town where she belonged all along. BUT there is usually romance involved and we know that you already have your Prince Charming so I guess I am going on about this for nothing.

I am praying for Grandma Dot and your family. I am also glad that Debbie is there to deliver your personal wishes today on her Birthday.

Karen said...

When we were down there, the first week she was so energetic, and then when she got sick, it just took the wind out of her sails. But she sounded good when I talked with her this afternoon. I was on the phone with her yesterday when they were moving her roomates stuff out and I asked her if she was sad, and in only her way, she replied "nope - I didn't really know her". But I know it's still hard. She was bummed to hear that you aren't coming in August - did you guys change your mind about going down?

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

I know she was bummed, she just about started crying and that's what broke my heart and made me want to be there so bad. No, we aren't going down. I know it is hard for her to see her roommate pass away, even if she didn't know her long, but that's Grandma for you, showing her tough exterior.

Nana said...

What a neat story about the florist and Debbie. Only in a small town. I am with Pam, it does kinda sound like a movie. Your NOT coming in August??? When might you be coming? I will be praying for you GGrandma. I know nursing homes are not the most fun place to be. Hope she got to enjoy her birthday. I didn't realize her BD was the day before Richards. Thought about you guys today when we were at the beach in St. Augustine. You really do need to come and do a homeschool study on St. Augustine. It is such a neat town. I want to tour it all over the fall when it cools down. I love that city.

Jennie said...

That is so amazing that you ended up getting a hold of Debbie. She was the perfect person to cheer up Grandma Dot.