Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This sweet little princess was only FOUR days old when I was able to capture her little newborn details! I know her Mommy was more than ready for her to arrive - she had a wonderful assortment of girly hairbands, bows, and frilly diaper covers! I had so much fun playing with this sweet baby doll! She was of course, a little dream to photograph since she was so sleepy. Day four or five is the absolute best time for newborn pictures - they are so sleepy as mom's milk has usually just come in and they are just so content with their full bellies! Enjoy your pictures Mom and Grandma!! You can see all the pictures by entering the code "anna" under the client section of my site.


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Anonymous said...

these are of course beautiful! you did such an amazing job. The Lord has certainly blessed you with an amazing gift. God willing we'll be giving you a call sometime next summer to photograph our new little one (or ones as it may be)
very sincerely
"the other" erin gaeng

Alice said...

how precious!