Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hannah was finally allowed to have her very first sleep over party! The week long birthday celebration continued well into the night Friday evening. She chose just a few of her very closest friends, these girls have been friends since they were just babies!
She received some sweet little gifts from her friends (thank you CHRISTY!!)
And you just can't ever have enough Webkins apparently. She received a total of TEN Webkins from her friends this year after it was all said and done.
The girls enjoyed some good ol' fashioned GIRL time doing things like making facial masks out of oats and honey...... (what was I thinking?) But oh, how soft their skin was!
Of course, a slumber party is not complete without ridiculous amounts of junk food.
And to top off a perfectly girl-filled evening - some polish on those precious piggies! I do believe her first official slumber party was a success!! Not sure it was best to do it the night before her big pool party (for my sake, not hers - she loved it!), but we all had a great time!! Pool party pictures to come!

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Nana said...

Hannah, I am so glad you had so much fun on your birthday. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the pool party.

Anonymous said...

omgoodness thees r adorable, you did a really good job capturing the moments and not just having the girls pose. i almost felt like i was enjoying you guys at the sleepover lol theyre wonderful and im gland hannah, maddie,and my two little cuzins had a fun time..you O'Steens really know how to throw a party!!