Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NCCS Soccer 2013

 Our middle school girls soccer team has been great this year.   That's Little Miss Anna Mae on the team this year!

 Ally right after a head butt - way to use your head Ally! 

 Hannah has been playing goalie this year and it's a perfect fit for her.  She has been awesome at jumping up high and stopping the ball.  Her buddy Ally has been playing Keeper and they work so well together - love these two pictures above and below - looks like Ally was giving her some telepathic support by helping her kick that ball! 

 My man is one of the Assistant coaches this year. 
 Love this pic of Anna and Daddy giving Hannah lots of encouragement right after she blocked a goal. 

 Alexia can control the ball like nobody's business! 

 This play was one of the highlights of the game - this ball was rolling so quickly towards and goal and somehow Hannah made it back in time before they scored - way to go HANNAH BANANA!!! 

 Hannah has some mad punting skills too!

We are so proud of all our girls and especially of our own Hannah Banana! 


Nana said...

Great playing Hannah. Sure wish I could watch you play. Watching soccer is one of my very favorite sports to watch. Keep playing so good. Can't wait to see you. Love you.