Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Ingredient Valentines Day Fudge

I stumbled upon this super easy recipe on Pinterest - (of course!) for making sweet treats for all the little and big people in your house.  Two ingredients - seriously! Super easy, fun, and very yummy. 

The two simple ingredients are strawberry frosting - I couldn't find any so I improvised with Frosting Creations, and a bag of white chocolate chips. Well, and sprinkles if you feel super festive, so technically three ingredients. 

Melt your chocolate chips, and stir into the frosting - thats IT!!
Spread into a lightly greased baking dish and add your sprinkles.  It starts to harden up pretty quickly, but we put ours in the fridge for about ten minutes to help it along. 

 Having a random zipper on the counter is optional (what, why?) You could be creative and use a little heart cookie cutter to cut them into fun little shapes, but after making just two (in the picture above - which we then promptly ate), I decided little fudge sized squares would be just fine, because that just wasn't worth the time and effort it was going to take! HA! 

And they look so pretty and Valentine-ish sitting on the counter! :) 


Unknown said...

That looks really good!!