Saturday, June 9, 2012

6th Grade Grammar School Graduation

 We made it through three graduations this past week!  Kirsten didn't graduate high school, she was a Junior this year but was quite involved (as we all were!) with the ceremony.  We were only one year off with her graduation - Banana and Boo graduated 6th grade grammar school and kindergarten this year.


 Banana has been with most of these classmates since they were in three year old preschool together.
 We are so clearly starting to see the fruits of a classical education in our Hannah  - these 6th graders were so poised, confident and articulate in the Student Presentations - we had the privilege of hearing each graduate give a self-written speech.   After my sweet Banana gave her speech - I could no longer hold in the tears - they had been trying to stay tucked in through all three graduations and this night they just couldn't be contained! Banana said I could share her speech here.....

Overcoming My Fears

New Covenant Christian School has blessed me in so many ways but the biggest blessing that it has provided for me was helping me overcome my fears.    I have attended NCCS since I was three years old.  As I was growing up here I had certain fears such as reading in front of other people or even talking to some people, I was dreadfully shy. However, my biggest fear was standing on a stage in front of everyone and having to speak, recite or sing.  As you can see now, I have overcome those fears.  Isaiah 41:9 and 10 says “I have chosen you and not cast you off; fear not for I am with you.  Be not dismayed for I am your God.  I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”   This verse and other verses I have hidden in my heart and are the strength that I rely on when I feel afraid, and make me realize I have no reason to be afraid.  Some of my closest friends have helped me by encouraging me through these trials.  However, the teachers in this great school have been the most influential in helping me overcome this problem.  In third grade, Mrs. Barker helped me overcome my fears of going on stage because of all the plays she made us do that year.  In fourth grade I was given the opportunity to be homeschooled.  I am so grateful for that year when my parents helped me get back on track and build my confidence so that when I returned to NCCS in fifth grade, I truly realized what a special place this school was.   Mrs. Evelyn Armstrong helped me to overcome talking to other people that I didn’t know too well among other things.   Now that I’m about to leave sixth grade, I have realized that the time I have spent with Mrs. Rossi has had a tremendous influence on my confidence level, and has helped me go above and beyond my trials with shyness.  Thank you Mrs. Rossi.  I consider this school as my extended family. I have grown up with most of these friends and they feel like family.   Leaving this grammar school is like closing a chapter in this book of life, but I’m looking forward to moving on to the Upper School and beginning a new chapter.    This school is THE PLACE that has shaped my Godly character, my knowledge of scripture, my morals, and everything that makes me who I am.   But most importantly, my mom and dad are the ones I want to thank the most.  Thank you for choosing this school for me, and sacrificing your time and money to keep me here.   This school has become an extension of my home and will always be the place I think of when I remember my childhood.   When I think back on my time at this school, I will remember the hugs from Mrs. Thompson, the knowledge from Mrs. Eldreth, the Egyptian feast from Mrs. Kallmyer, the laughter echoing in the halls from Mrs. Barker, the excitement of learning from Mrs. Evelyn Armstrong. And last but not least, Mrs. Rossi – I will remember amazing bible lessons, being taught in such fun ways that we didn’t always realize we were learning, the Gettysburg field trip and so much more! 
Thank you New Covenant Christian School! 

 Singing "Our God is Greater"
 Reciting "Jabberwocky"

On to the next chapter at the Upper School! We are so very proud of the incredible young lady you are becoming our little Hannah-Banana! We love you to the moon and back - a million times! 


Unknown said...

Congratulations Hannah! What a beautiful speech, you brought tears to my eyes reading it!
Heather, you must be so proud of your girls, they are all so lovely, and following your blog has meant that they are able to inspire others - my Hannah is definitely inspired by them. Much love to you all xxx

Wendy said...

Heather, you've had an amazing week full of special moments. Congratulations to all three girls on a memorable last couple weeks of school. Hannah's speech was beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes. As always, the pictures captured those special moments--telling the story :). Congratulations on surviving all of your events and welcome to summer! Hugs to you, my friend!

Nana said...

This was such a fun and special night. Hannah's speech was amazing. She has grown up to be such a lovely young lady. Hannah, I love you and I am so proud of you. SO glad I could be here to share it. The pictures of her graduating from Kindergarten are precious. Congratulations Hannah.