Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Casey!!

While my sisters family was visiting we celebrated my niece Casey's birthday also.  But lucky for her it wasn't her 40th - just her 15th.

She is a girl who appreciates some good fashion sense, is a pro at make up and hair artistry and gets excited about all things fashionable and sparkly.  I'm quite sure my Boo inherited that same gene, and it's all really quite a mystery to me. 

She was totally expecting the make up gift - but totally was NOT expecting to get.....

an I-PHONE for her birthday!

We do love our I-phones around here.... my Punkin was surprised by one on Christmas morning.

and we can appreciate a little bling on them too thanks to Casey.

although my Punkin prefers the camo look. 

So we spent New Years Eve celebrating both birthdays, the New Year and everything make-up and sparkle!

Casey showed us all how to bring out our inner diva - although I'm quite sure I do NOT have one.  Boo was ALL OVER THAT!