Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What a wonderful Christmas season we had! I have so many pictures and videos to share of Christmas that I don't even know where to start! We had a great time off of school, full of snowstorms, good times with great friends, and lots of time with Daddy home with us. It was sad to see it all go - but instead of dreading the "end" of that season of being home and with family, it really kind of gets to continue for us, because only Dad has to go back to work.. the rest of us still get to enjoy being at home. But it has been VERY nice to get back into a routine, and to have order to our days. Our family seems to thrive on that.
As soon as Christmas was over, Boo started asking when we can start "school" again. I love the age she is at - she is an absolute sponge just waiting to soak up information!
Guess what Boo can do now??? Watch the video to find out!

She is one smart little girl! I am going to go ahead and start a kindergarten curriculum with her, because she just can't get enough!
Banana has been diligently working on memorizing a poem for each of the fruits of the spirit. She is learning them from this book - it is such a sweet book for little girls.
And Punkin is plugging away again on Algebra II. This time of year always brings us to begin thinking about the school plans for the fall. January is the month that we turn in our registrations for next year. We are constantly praying about what is best for our children in every area of their lives. We are in prayer about the school plans for next year, and while I don't know exactly what next year may look like, I am soaking up every minute I have of all my girls being home together. I know this year is something that I will always treasure.
We enjoyed some Robert Frost poetry today about winter - Lots of poems about snow and cold. Punkin surprised us by reciting "Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening", by Robert Frost. She has a children's picture book of the poem with wonderful illustrations. Ever since she was a little girl, anytime there was a snowfall predicted, her Daddy would read this book to her for her bedtime story. All those years of snowy forecasts led to her memorizing this poem with no effort!
We used the illustrations in the Robert Frost poetry book to inspire our own winter landscapes.
This is our latest book we are all reading aloud together. I have already read it once and I'm enjoying it a second time with the girls. I highly recommend this one - especially for young girls. We have had some wonderful conversations stemming from this story.
This was a Christmas gift that everyone seems to love! It is great for beginning math reasoning skills. Even the big kids find it a little challenging. Banana is great at seeing things three-dimensionally and can figure these puzzles out better than the rest of us! It looks simple, but can really be challenging.


Nana said...

Looks like you are back in full swing. They all look like they are doing well and enjoying it. Me, I am just trying to stay warm. Crazy huh? I need to do something. Have a great week. Hope your birthday gift will get there soon.

Alice said...

your video of Boo is so exciting! i was almost in tears listening to her - what a milestone and what a great accomplishment!

your mosaic blocks are something kali and i love to work on as well. we have a different version, but the same idea. :O)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Jennie said...

Wow- Boo is reading! How exciting. Looks like those girls have a lot of fun everyday.