Thursday, July 30, 2009


Or is she just not a baby anymore? She has grown up so much makes me sad. Yesterday she said "How long will it be until I'm big?", I said "I hope never, but why?", she said "It's a hard job being a little sister. I have to follow my big sisters all the time, and they go SO FAR!!!!".... My sweet little Poopsie-Loo, I hope you never, ever, get big!!

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Nana said...

I wish she could stay 3 forever. I love 3 year olds. I think it is about the perfect age. She is growing up fast and I don't like that we are missing so much of it.
Tell her to slow down and come to Florida....SOON!

Wife and Mom said...

I love these pictures Heather and I know exactly what you mean. I am finding myself everyday now--dwelling on my kids growing up too fast for me. I am trying to find all of the new and exciting sides to them getting bigger but it is so hard to know that in a few short years they will fly the nest. Sigh.

Nana said...

Pam, they will come back one day. And one day they do the most wonderful thing. They bring you GRAND-CHILDREN. And grands are even more fun than their parents were.:)

Karen said...

She looks waaay too grown up!!!

julianna :) said...

awwwww! she looks so much bigger than she used to!