Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hannah had one of her dreams come true the other day. She is an avid bird lover. We are lucky to back up to a natural preservation area, so we have LOTS of wildlife in the area, with more birds than you can imagine! Hannah was out playing in the yard when she noticed a little baby bird just hopping all around the yard. She captured the poor little thing with her net and had lots of fun playing with it for a little while before she let him hop away to look for his mother. One of Emily's favorite books is by P.D. Eastman - Are You My Mother? She had lots of fun that evening going through the stoy of our little bird adventure and comparing it to her favorite story.

Hannah is SOOO happy. She has been working towards owning a pet bird by this Christmas. She has to work very hard on her homeschooling between now and then, and she just may earn herself a pet bird - now I think she may work even harder!! I have to admit, it was very fun to hold the little guy and pet it's little head!
This may be one of my ALL time favorite pictures of her. There are very few things that make Hannah as happy as being with God's little creatures. Just before I snapped this picture, she looked at me and said "Mommy, I don't ever want this moment to end!!!"

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Karen said...

We had the same exact thing happen in our front yard few weeks ago. Nicole sat in the yard babysitting the bird while it's parents kept trying to teach it to fly. But the baby bird kept hopping toward the street, so she'd shoo it back in the grass. Happy that Hannah got to experience it!

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Thats what we did!! That momma bird was in the tree just squawking at us - we were afraid it was going to come peck our eyes out!! It was trying to fly, but could only go a few feet. I'm sure it was just a matter of hours before it was able to fully fly away!

Nana said...

Hannah has been watching a lot of birds in our yard. Today she was sitting on the back porch and saw a hummingbird on one of the flowers. She was calling to me about the hummingbird and it came right up to the screen as if to say, get a good look at me and then it flew away. She was very excited and it was unusual to see the bird come right up to the screen and just stay there for a few seconds. I think the little birds must be attracted to this sweet nature lover.

Anonymous said...
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