Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My mom has been visiting for the past week from Florida. We decided today that we needed to have some pictures of her with her grand-daughters! Thanks for coming up to visit Mom - we had a great time! Come back soon!

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Alice said...

these are all beautiful, heather! i really love the one of the 4 of them with their faces close together. and tne one of Emily handing grandmom some flowers. precious photos for sure!

Florida Girl said...

These are absolutely precious and so important to have. I love them.

I only have one question though . . . When were you out in my yard taking photos? My security typically lets me know when we have visitors but I guess you caught them on a break. Hope you come back again and next time--ring my doorbell and come in and stay awhile.


Jennie said...

Pam cracks me up. These photos are beautiful and so is the location. Next time we visit you, I want to go there, wherever it is.

Florida Girl said...

You can ring my doorbell too Jennie. I'll make you some sweet tea and we can sit out on my veranda and chat as my "people" serve us. :o)

Wendy said...

The pictures are beautiful--what wonderful memories for all of you to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hannah is becoming such a beautiful yough lady, she looks so grown up and slender and sweet in these pictures! i love love love the picture of Emily leaning over Gaga's back, she is SO photogentic.Kirstens dress flatters her beautifuly if she doesnt where the brown dress to the formal, she should positively wear that one. Love black and white color scheme. And now for Gaga-i loveee her smile, it is o genuine, kind, and welcoming! I am going to miss Gaga soo much! I think everyone looks fabulous.
Love always,

Karen said...

Pam, you're hilarious! Maddie, what an eye for detail girl! Heather, so next mom's at my house, you can come take pics for me! But I want that location!

Nana said...

These pictures really are good. They will be keepers for sure. The girls are all growing up so fast and are so beautiful. Pam, I thought they were in my yard? Ha!

Florida Girl said...

haha Nana--not a chance--it is my home. :o)