Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today, 11/21/07

Hello everyone! Welcome to my brand-new blog. Check here often for updates on my new photography business, and of course to see lots of pictures. I'm so excited to finally launch! After many years of contemplating starting a photography business, I decided to jump in with both feet! Ready or not photography world - here I come!! :)
My goal with this business, (as well as my life) is to completely surrender every part of it into God's hands. I pray that everything I do through my photography will only bring honor and glory to God!
Just wanted to share a few pictures of some of my favorite people in the world. Of course my three baby girls, and two of my sisters (where's Jennie??). We found this quaint little store while searching out a small camera shop, aptly named "Hannah Elizabeth". Of course we had to get a picture of Hannah Elizabeth in front of the store! How sweet. A picture of Emily hard at play in her swing, and Kirsten with her one and only passion - HORSES!